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DJI Osmo (UK, Including Free Osmo Mobile Intelligent Battery)

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  • SKU: 292743
  • , Brand: DJI

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DJI Osmo Features

Motion without blur. Action shots without shake. Perfect video even when you move. Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it, the DJI Osmo helps you record videos and take photos like never before. It is much more than just a camera. It helps you create with more freedom than ever.


  • Fully stabilized 4K, 12Mp camera optimized for ground use
  • Slow motion and audio recording
  • Tripod-free long exposures
  • Remote camera control
  • Secure grip
  • Suite of accessories including bike & car mount, tripod, extension stick and phone mount
  • 6-hour standby time
  • 1 hour of video shooting
  • Shipping Weight: 1.92kg

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